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Featherland Bird Cages

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Featherland has carefully considered the space requirements for the many individual species which might be housed in each cage model. Featherland's number one priority is to provide your birds with a safe home. Upon simple inspection you will be able to determine that our craftsmanship and attention to detail is unsurpassed.

At Featherland, we believe that your cage should be user friendly for both the birds and their human caregiver as well. Featherland's environmentally sensitive industrial design team has developed and patented new technology which makes assembly a simple five minute task, without nuts and bolts and or requiring tools. Obviously this makes breakdown for routine cleaning and disinfecting an easy task. Cage maintenance is easy when you choose Featherland. We appreciate the opportunity to provide your feathered companion a Featherland home.

All Featherland products are protected under one or more of the following patents worldwide 6,550,424, 02263185.2, D480840. Other patents pending.

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of Featherland products is donated to the preservation of the world's rainforest habitats.


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